A Message from Dean Chun

Yale College Council elections are happening now, and today is your last day to vote if you haven't already.

In my two years as dean, YCC has been a central voice to help me learn about your needs.  I meet with YCC leadership twice a month to explore ways to improve life at Yale, both inside and outside the classroom. I also rely on YCC’s excellent policy reports, which are supported with research and data, both empirical and anecdotal, and which represent your views. YCC recommendations provide focus, which in turn allows the University to propose focused solutions.

Important initiatives launched this year in partnership with YCC: the domestic summer award, the extension of the Credit/D/Fail deadline, the reform of shopping period (with more steps planned to preserve and enhance it), the disposable menstrual products program, and updates to the dean’s excuse policy, to name just a few. None of these would have been possible without the Yale College Council, serving as your elected representatives.

Together, we still have work to do: How can we improve campus wellness and mental health? Sexual climate and disciplinary procedures? Residential college life and the meal plan?  Shopping period? How can we expand opportunities for campus work and research? How can Yale best support low-income students? How can we help all students find their place at Yale?

To hear your thoughts, I host lunches and attend meetings with students throughout the year.  But to hear your collective voice, I consult with the YCC first. So please get involved in the elections in progress, choose your representatives, and engage with them. This year’s leaders — Sal  Rao, Heidi Dong, and many others — have been exceptional colleagues. I am eager to work with the next ones you elect into office. If you are a student in Yale College and haven’t voted yet in the YCC elections, please vote now.

Marvin Chun
Dean of Yale College
Richard M. Colgate Professor of Psychology; Neuroscience; Cognitive Science

Yale College Council