Interested in getting involved with Yale College Council? You can run for office, join as an associate representative, work with a task force, or apply to a committee or team. If you just want to share an idea or concern or get to know your representative, reach out to us via our Contact Page!

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Run for yCC Senate

The Yale College Council Senate is a policy advocacy body that seeks to promote the student voice to Yale administrators. Each Spring, two Senators are elected from each residential college. Every Fall, another Senate election is held to fill in any missing seats.

More information on elections will come out to the student body via email. In the meantime, please address election-related questions to YCC Vice President Grace Kang.


The YCC invites every student to attend and participate in Council meetings, which are held on Sundays at 1pm in Phelps 207. Students who enjoy participating in Council meetings and would like to work on YCC official projects can petition to become an associate representative at any point in the year, up until the third meeting of second semester. Associate representatives are non-voting members of the Council who are held to the same standards of attendance, conduct, and participation as elected representatives.

To become an associate representative, one must

  1. Petition the Vice President

  2. Attend two Council meetings

  3. Pass a one-week internal vetting process conducted by the Executive Board

  4. Win a two-thirds majority vote of approval from the Council

For more information about becoming an associate representative, please contact Vice President YCC Vice President Grace Kang.

Run for class Council

The Freshman Class Council (FCC), Sophomore Class Council (SoCo), and Junior Class Council (JCC) are subsidiary bodies of the YCC that organize class-wide events and address issues specific to their respective classes. The YCC holds elections for SoCo and JCC presidents in the spring and for all class council representatives in the fall. You can also join as an associate member of a class council at any time. In order to run for SoCo or JCC president, you must attend a mandatory campaign information session, orientation meeting, register for elections online, and complete a 100-student petition.

For more information on FCC, SoCo, and JCC, please contact former FCC Chair Aliesa Bahri, the current SoCo President Reilly Johnson or the current JCC President Heather Foster.

The Senior Class Council (SCC) is a separate organization that is coordinated by the Association of Yale Alumni.

Apply to a committee or team

The YCC oversees six committees and teams that help contribute to the work of YCC. Applications for each come out in the fall:

  1. Business Team: The Business Team is in charge of seeking sponsorships for YCC, partnering with external businesses to secure discounts for Yale students, and pursuing any additional business initiatives at the discretion of the Finance Director. These initiatives may include:

    • Internal Financial Auditing & Accounting;

    • Corporate Fundraising & Development;

    • Local Sponsorship Solicitation;

    • Tax Preparation;

    • Revenue & Budget Analysis;

    • Macro Research & Reporting;

    • For more information, please contact the Business Director, Liam Muldoon.

  2. Communications Team: The Communications Team consists of copy writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and video editors. In collaboration with the Programming Team, the Communications Team plays a critical role in YCC’s communications and outreach to the student body. The teams work closely together under the supervision of the Communications Director and jointly produce a wide variety of content, including Yale Speaks, monthly newsletters, and promotional graphics. For more information, please contact the Communications Director, Laurie Gomez.

  3. Events Committee: The Events Committee is responsible for planning and executing YCC events throughout the year including, but not limited to: speaker events, Final Cut, Battle of the Bands, and the annual Yale-Harvard game party/tailgate. The committee, led by the Events Director, consists of both elected Council representatives and non-elected associate members who apply to the serve on the committee. Within the Committee, there exist subcommittees that manage the production of large scale events. For more information, please contact the Events Director, Steven Orientale.

  4. Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee: The Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee (UOFC) is the primary source of funding for registered student organizations on campus, independently allocating over $200,000 of funding to undergraduate organizations each year. It provides annual funding and support for special events. The UOFC acts as a liaison between the administrators and student organizations, rents capital equipment (such as audio visual equipment), and works to improve policy related to student organizations on campus. UOFC members, known as Finance Managers, are full term members of the YCC and the UOFC Director leads the committee. For more information, please contact Student Organizations Director Mohammad Makhumdov.

Get in touch

All students are welcome to share their thoughts on how to improve Yale and its resources. If you would like to share a general concern, project idea, or interest in grabbing a meal with your representatives, just fill out this form and we will be in touch with you.