YaleSpeaks - Lauren Chambers

"Kindness is inextricably linked to empathy. So if you are kind to somebody, you can think about how the world affects and compensate for that within your power. This was two years ago, but I had just turned 18 and I thought I had registered to vote ahead of time. I got to the polling place, and they told me that I wasn’t registered. Thankfully, they had same-day registration so I went to City Hall, and there was a line of hundreds of people. I got there at 5PM, polls closed at 8PM, and I voted 10 minutes before the polling places closed. My close friend knew this and that I had missed dinner. So she walked all the way from Pierson to City Hall with an entire pizza and surprised me with a dinner while I was standing in line for three hours. I was so excited, but also kind of embarrassed. It was really nice."

#YaleSpeaks encourages members of our community to share their stories, values, and experiences whether they are happy, sad, exciting, or embarrassing.

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