Registering an Organization

All organizations should refer to the Student Organizations website for matters regarding registration.

Registration policies and procedures

From the Undergraduate Regulations

Registration requirement

  • The specific procedures for registration of undergraduate organizations are outlined in detail here and also on the Student Organizations website in order to provide guidance to student officers. These registration requirements also protect the University’s tax-exempt status and are designed to ensure that the purpose and activities of the organizations are consistent with the established purposes of the University. Registration is further required because activities of student organizations frequently appear to involve identification with the University. However, registration does not imply official approval by the University of the activities of any undergraduate organization, nor does it indicate any responsibility for them.
  • Organizations that are established for the purpose of selling or renting items or paying students cannot be registered student organizations, but they may be able to operate as Associated Student Agencies. Students who wish to form such an agency should consult with the business manager of the Associated Student Agencies, 246 Church Street.

Registration approval

A group’s registration is confirmed by a formal communication of registration approval from the Yale College Dean’s Office. Students may verify the status of an organization on the Official List of Registered Undergraduate Organizations. University departments, including funding sources and the Office of the University Registrar, consult the Official List when determining registration benefit eligibility. The status of a group’s registration, including whether each officer has accepted responsibility or whether the group’s application is incomplete, can be determined at any time by reviewing the group’s online records.

Revocation or suspension of registration

The dean of Student Affairs may revoke or suspend the registration of any undergraduate organization that has not abided by the Undergraduate Regulations or by the organization’s registration and related agreements. Failure by a student organization or its officers or designated representatives to meet the financial obligations of the organization in a timely manner can also result in the suspension or revocation of registration. Any request for reinstatement should be addressed to the Yale College Dean’s Office.

Benefits or registering your organization

  • Use classrooms and certain other University facilities or properties for programs, rehearsals, performances, and meetings, including conferences or other campus events
  • Request funding from the Undergraduate Organizations Committee (UOC)
  • Request funding from the Dean’s and President’s Discretionary Funds
  • Request office space on campus
  • Participate in the Bazaar of Registered Undergraduate Organizations at Freshman Orientation
  • Petition the dean of Student Affairs for permission to use the Yale name
  • Purchase some goods and services from the University
  • Accept gifts from alumni and other donors for the current use of the undergraduate organization, when the solicitation for that donation was approved in the manner described in section H of the Undergraduate Regulations
  • Request the use of theater and rehearsal spaces
  • Be covered by Yale’s liability insurance and automobile insurance when traveling on official group business
  • Provide proof of insurance coverage for organizations meeting or performing beyond the Yale campus
  • Receive contract review from the Procurement office and guidance from the Risk Management office
  • Apply for a Yale website (
  • Use Yale electronic tools such as Message Litemail for communication