changes to UOFC this year

  • To guarantee that funding is being used responsibly and abiding by the decision of the UOFC, a new position has been created, as it is now mandatory that groups turn in receipts if they want to continue to receive funding. The UOFC Review Managers will devise a system of checking these receipts. Failure of a group to turn in receipts will result in Level I probation, making that group ineligible to receive UOFC funding until all receipts have been returned. Failure of a group to use funds in accordance with their application without proper correspondence with the UOFC Director will result in Level II probation, suspension from applying for funding for the duration of the semester. Multiple violations will result in Level III probation, which, with the approval of the Dean’s Office, will result in suspension for the entire year.

  • We are limiting our funding rounds to streamline the process and allow for more financial planning by groups.

  • Along with answering any emails, the UOFC Director will also offer office hours both before and after funding rounds to answer any questions about the funding application. These hours will be outlined on YCCheck Up emails to avoid any confusion.