changes to UOFC this year

The UOFC is making some big changes this year to better serve you!

After reviewing the feedback received from previous years, it became clear

  • The UOFC guidelines were too long, and different grant categories (administrative, event, publication) were confusing.
  • Caps for administrative and publication grants were arbitrary and did not make sense.
  • UOFC guidelines were arbitrarily enforced.
  • UOFC grant guidelines did not encourage service groups and service-oriented activities.

In order to address these shortcomings, the YCC and the UOFC have worked together to completely revamp UOFC this year.

  • All UOFC grants will be classified into the same category – no more administrative, events, and publication grants. All groups – except service groups – are eligible to apply.
  • UOFC guidelines have been simplified and streamlined to improve ease-of- use.
  • The UOFC no longer has caps on how much money groups can ask for.
  • The UOFC will make large funding decisions as a group, not individually.
  • In order to promote service, the UOFC is partnering with Dwight Hall to pilot the new “UOFC-Dwight Hall Service Grant”, which strives to promote service at Yale and in the greater community.
  • The UOC (Undergraduate Organizations Committee) was renamed the UOFC (Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee) in order to stress our role in funding organizations.
  • The UOFC will implement a new UOFC Appeals Process to better aid groups in securing funding for their activities.