Netbook Loaning

The Laptop Loaner program offers laptops to students whose personal computers are being repaired for an extended period of time by Yale ITS. The loaner laptop, a Dell Latitude 13, comes preloaded with basic software, including Microsoft Office, and students are able to install other programs. Laptops are wiped between uses.

See the steps below about obtaining a loaner netbook:

1. A student comes in to the Technology Troubleshooting Office (TTO) in the basement of Bass Library with a computer problem. If the problem cannot be fixed right then and there by the student techs on duty, the STs will determine that it needs to go to their main office, (called the β€œio”) for further diagnostics, etc.

2. If the problem is severe enough that it takes 5 days or longer to be fixed, the student techs will suggest a loaner to the student and ask their managers (Yale alumni and former STs) to approve the loaner. If there is a free loaner, the managers will most likely approve it.

3. Student techs prep the loaner in the io, and the student will pick it up at the TTO. They sign a contract releasing the student techs from liability, assuming responsibility for it, etc.

4. When their fixed computer is available for pickup, the student must return the loaner in order to receive their fixed computer.

In order to receive a loaner, you must be an undergraduate of Yale College, your computer must be likely to not be fixed for at least one business week (5 days), and the student techs must have your computer in custody as collateral. Student techs may recall a loaner at any time, and students are responsible for any damage.

For more information on printer and hardware repair visit the ITS website or contact the ITS help desk at (203) 432-5242.

Questions about the netbook loaner program may be sent to the YCC University Services Director Heidi Dong.