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Thank you to all the candidates for making this an engaging and spirited campaign! The 2017-2018 YCC is incredibly excited to announce the results of the election.

Congratulations to:

YCC President: Sal Rao DC '20
YCC Vice President: Heidi Dong MC '20
YCC Events Director: Caleigh Propes SM '20
SoCo President: Heather Foster MY '21
JCC President: Daniel Robinson DC '20

YCC Representatives

Benjamin Franklin: Beamlak Shimelis Ashenafi, Namra Zulfiqar
Berkeley: Ohshue Gatanaga
Branford: Louie Goldsmith
Davenport: Justin James
Ezra Stiles: Tommy Atlee, Katherine Hu
Grace Hopper: Eli Swab, Ellie Oldroyd
Jonathan Edwards: Steven Orientale, Nathalie Beauchamps
Morse: Abhishek Srinivas, Justin Aubin
Pauli Murray: Ileana Valdez, Kiran Damodaran
Pierson: Fausto Alexandro Hernandez Reyes Retana, Kimberly Cruz
Saybrook: Grace Kang
Silliman: Samir Al-Ali, Daisha Roberts
Timothy Dwight: Angel E. Mora, Kahlil Greene
Trumbull: Anushka Walia

Full results available here


Matt Guido

Hello Yalies,

Welcome! Our website contains information on past projects, ongoing initiatives, and future work. Please contact us at to share any ideas you have or challenges you face. 

We are excited to work with you to address student concerns and improve the undergraduate experience. I hope to see you at our next YCC meeting!

Best regards,

Matt Guido

President 2017-2018


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