Eligibility for funding

The UOFC exists to support the activities of student groups on campus and to enable campus groups to make a difference in the Yale community. Funding can only be granted to student organizations that are formally registered with the Yale College Dean’s Office. All organizations should refer to the Student Organizations Website for matters regarding registration. Each UOFC application is reviewed and decided on a case by case basis, but the following are some factors the UOFC takes into consideration when making a decision:

  • How much the organization/activity contributes to the Yale community

  • Demonstrated financial need and commitment to minimizing expenses

Apply for a Funding Grant

The UOFC encourages all organizations – except service groups - to apply for UOFC Funding Grants.  These funds can be used to support student organization activities and events.

The UOFC treats all applications for funding as confidential, and will not share group's applications or financial information with any party.

Grant Guidelines

As a part of the UOFC Funding Grant application process, your group may be required to interview with the UOFC to present your case for why funding is needed.

The UOFC may ask the organization in question to submit a budget as well as account statements.


The UOFC cannot provide funding for any of the following expenses:

  • The creation and upkeep of organization bank accounts

  • Student transportation unless travel is an integral element of the organization’s purpose

    • Tours for performance groups will not be funded

    • Student transportation to national conferences will not be funded

  • Individual member dues or dues to national organizations

  • Alcohol, firearms, tobacco, and illegal products

  • Events not targeted towards Yale students or the Yale community (for example, events for high school students)

  • International travel for guest speakers (cheapest methods of transportation for speakers should always be used)

  • T-shirts unless they represent an integral element of the organization's purpose

  • Excessive restaurant/meal expenses when cheaper alternatives exist

    • Groups are discouraged from booking expensive restaurant meals for club meetings, guest speakers, and other events unless unavoidable

  • Student transportation in any form (Ubers, buses, train tickets, gasoline, Zipcars, etc.)

  • Housing for students (hotels, airBNBs, etc.)

  • Honorariums for speakers

  • Gifts for students or guests

  • Paying Yale students directly (photographers, DJs, etc.)

  • Social media purchases (Snapchat filters, Facebook advertising, etc.)

  • Website fees unless a strong reason is provided

Some factors the UOFC takes into consideration when deciding on a grant application include:

  • How much the organization/activity contributes to the Yale community

  • Level of impact

  • Demonstrated financial need and commitment to minimizing expenses

  • The size and scope of the student organization applying for funding

The UOFC does not generally fund internal expenses for activities that are open to club members only, or expenses that go towards administrative upkeep, but exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis if the UOFC deems there is sufficient need.

The UOFC also does not generally fund activities retroactively, but exceptions may also be granted on a case by case if the UOFC deems there is sufficient need. Retroactive funding can only be applied to
activities over the past academic year. Contact the UOFC Chair if you have any questions.

Please note that the UOFC decides each application as a committee, after due deliberation, and that no two groups/funding applications are exactly alike- so funding decisions can and will vary greatly from group to group. Please be as thorough as possible when submitting your application, as the UOFC does take completeness of information into account. Also, please note that the UOFC does not "re-set" between the Fall and Spring semester; Spring semester funding decisions will bear in mind the amount already awarded to a group in the Fall.

Service Grant Guidelines

Any group that engages in service-oriented activities - even if service is not a primary focus of the group - is welcome to apply for a UOFC-Dwight Hall Service Grant. Service should constitute activities carried
out by Yale undergraduates that contribute meaningfully to the Yale community and/or greater New Haven community. Service activities taking place outside of New Haven will be considered on a case-by-
case basis.

UOFC-Dwight Hall Service Grants are open to both Dwight Hall groups and non Dwight Hall groups.  Groups affiliated with Dwight Hall are encouraged to reach out to Dwight Hall first before applying for a UOFC Service Grant.

The UOFC and Dwight Hall will work together to evaluate applications holistically.

Service Grant Limits

  • There is no hard cap for UOFC-Dwight Hall Service Grants.

    • The appropriate grant amount will be determined at the discretion of the UOFC and Dwight Hall, after a holistic review.

  • All expenses prohibited by the UOFC cannot be funded, and the following expenses prohibited by Dwight Hall also cannot be funded.

    • Bank fees

    • 8.5 x 11 printing

    • On campus space rentals unless they are for a conference

    • International travel

    • Fundraisers or objects to sell/auction to raise funds

    • Alcohol

    • Unnecessary decorations for events

    • Transportation for students where Dwight Hall cars or bus passes can be used

    • Table rentals

    • Group merchandise/apparel

    • Medicine or prescriptions

    • Purchases not made directly by the member group

    • Member group association fees with larger national or international organizations

    • Repeated supply purchases when they can be avoided