The Yale College Council is the undergraduate student government and promotes the student voice to Yale administrators and has an active role in shaping University policy.

Spring elections are held for the YCC's officers (President, Vice President, Events Director, Sophomore Class Council (SoCo) President, Junior Class Council (JCC) President) and for the Council of Representatives, composed of 2 representatives from each college.

In spring elections, all students can vote for their respective college’s YCC representatives and for YCC officers. Rising sophomores and rising juniors can also vote for their respective class council president. Voting will occur online from April 12-13 on the YC Voting Booth portal on YaleConnect.

It is our goal to make this election cycle engaging, transparent, and accessible for all students. We are excited that a new group of YCC members from across campus will come together to carry forward the progress of this year’s YCC. To improve our campus, we need a diverse and representative YCC and we want you to be a part of it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact YCC Vice President Nick Girard or the Council Elections Commission at ycc.elections@yale.edu.

Spring Election Information



The following is a schedule for spring elections. All dates are subject to change. Further information can be found in the guidelines above.

Wednesday, March 28: Election Information Session (8:00pm, LC 102)

  • Mandatory informational meeting to review guidelines, positions, and election timeline. All attendees must sign-in (use ID swipe through YaleConnect). Form to register for elections will be distributed to all attendees. If you were unable to attend this meeting, you can still run for YCC! Please email nicholas.girard@yale.edu for further information.

Thursday, March 29: Pre-Campaign Period begins (9:00am)

  • Candidates can begin to make necessary preparations for campaigning such as selecting a team, creating a platform, building social media and website pages, and preparing all materials as necessary.

Friday, March 30: Campaign Mentorship Event (6:00-8:00pm, LC 211)

  • Meet with current and former YCC members to learn more about the process of campaigning, serving in YCC positions. Join us if you are at all interested in running for any position!

Tuesday, April 3: Officer Candidates Meeting (8:00pm, LC 210)

  • Required orientation for all officer candidates to review specific guidelines and expectations for officer candidates. If you absolutely cannot attend, please email nicholas.girard@yale.edu as soon as possible.

Thursday, April 5: Registration deadline (5:00pm)

  • Candidates must register for elections and submit candidacy statement using the form on YaleConnect. In addition, candidates for President, Vice President, and Events Director must submit a 100 signature petition at the Yale College Dean’s Office (temporarily moved to 1 Hillhouse Ave).

Thursday, April 5: Campaign Period begins (8:00pm)

  • Candidates have one week to earn support from the student body, including door knocking, social media campaigns, interviews with the YDN and other publications.

Tuesday, April 10: YCC-YDN Debate (7:00pm, LC 211)

  • Co-hosted by the YCC and the YDN, the debate brings together President, Vice President, and Events Director candidates to debate the issues. Questions are formulated based on questions from YCC, YDN, and student-submitted questions solicited by the YCC. This is a required event for any campus publication looking to endorse. If you absolutely cannot attend, please email nicholas.girard@yale.edu as soon as possible.

Thursday, April 12- Friday, April 13: Voting (9:00am Thursday - 9:00pm Friday)

  • Voting is open for thirty-six hours, conducted through the YaleConnect platform. When elections close, results will be tallied and will be sent out in a student body-wide email Friday evening. Ballots are available at ycc.yale.edu/vote


PRESIDENT & VICE PRESIDENT: Together, the President and Vice President serve as the official representatives of the student body. The President is the leader of the Yale undergraduate student body and the primary representative of students to the Yale University President, Board of Trustees, and other administrators. The Vice President is the leader of the Yale College Council and its internal operations, including committee appointments, elections, and policy projects. The current YCC President is Matt Guido. The current YCC Vice President is Nick Girard.

Per the YCC Constitution, all candidates for President must have attended at least three meetings of the Council of Representatives prior to campaign period. If you are interested in running for President but have not met this qualification, reach out to YCC VP Nick Girard.

EVENTS DIRECTOR: The Events Director is responsible for leading the Events Committee and Spring Fling Committee to host engaging and accessible events for the student population at large. The current Events Director is Tyler Bleuel.

CLASS COUNCIL PRESIDENTS: Class Council Presidents are the leaders of their respective class councils and are responsible for selecting the council membership in the fall via application. The class councils- First-Year Class Council (FCC), Sophomore Class Council (SoCo), and Junior Class Council (JCC)- promote bonding, organize events, and address issues specific to their respective classes. First-Year Class Council is elected in the fall semester. Senior Class Council (SCC) is separate from the YCC and is run by an elected Class Secretary and solicits applications. The current SoCo President is Yesenia Chavez. The current JCC President is Julia Tobin.

COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES: The YCC Council of Representatives is the is the primary forum for the discussion of undergraduate affairs. The Council develops and executes projects that address current issues raised by undergraduates. The Council is composed of 2 representatives from each residential college for a 28-member council. Click here to see a list of current Council Representatives.


The Council Elections Commission (CEC) is a five member committee that determines the specific rules of the election, monitors campaigning, and facilitates voting. The CEC has complete authority over interpreting and enforcing the regulations found in the Constitution and the Elections Guidelines. The CEC is composed of the YCC Vice President and four at-large members.

2018 Council Elections Commission
Nick Girard ES ‘19, Chair
George Huynh TD ‘18
Maddy O’Neal ES ‘19
Ruth Schapiro JE ‘19
Tracy Wang SY ‘18

The CEC is responsible for the enforcement of all election guidelines. If you feel that any candidate is violating the guidelines or engaging in conduct contrary to the expectations of candidates for YCC office, please contact the Council Elections Commission at ycc.elections@yale.edu.


The following are a short collection of common regulations and rules. It is the responsibility of the candidate to be aware and follow all regulations listed in the guidelines.

  1. Candidates are responsible for the actions of supporters and campaign team members. Any violations of the guidelines by others will result in the candidate being penalized.
  2. Candidates may not publicly campaign or ask for support during the Pre-Campaign Period. Only after campaigning begins may candidates do so.
  3. Any email sent by candidates regarding YCC elections must CC ycc.elections@yale.edu and include the relevant disclaimer listed in the guidelines.
  4. Officer candidates have a strict spending limit of $100. Representative candidates have a limit of $50.
  5. Mass emails, emails to the whole campus, entire residential college, entire class years, etc. are prohibited. No email may be BCC'ed.
  6. Candidates are not allowed to enter suites and bedrooms unless given verbal permission by the residents. Neither a candidate nor their campaign team may harass or detain a student for the purposes of campaigning or getting them to vote.
  7. The current YCC Executive Board is prohibited from publicly endorsing or campaigning on behalf of any candidate.

Questions about the guidelines and rules should be directed to the CEC at ycc.elections@yale.edu.