Budget 2017-2018 Academic Year


Total Expected Revenue: $349,000

  • Student Activities Fee (SAF): $125 per student, YCC PTAEO: $309,000
  • University President’s Office Grant: $40,000.00 (to be received around the time of Spring Fling, earmarked specifically for Spring Fling)

Miscellaneous/Temporary Revenue:

  • Yale College Dean's Office Grant to First-Year Class Council to defray costs of the closure of Commons for First-Year Dance: $1,500 (yearly through the reopening of Commons)
  • Yale College Dean's Office Grant to Sophomore Class Council for new events funding: $1,500 (2017-2018 only)


Total Budgeted Expenses: $349,000

  • Campus Events Fund: $51,963.00 (14.889%)
    • This pays for YCC-sponsored events like Yale-Harvard Party, Last Comic Standing
    • Please reach out to Events Director Tyler Bleuel at (tyler.bleuel@yale.edu) for more information
  • YCC Administrative Fund: $3,490.00 (1.00%)
    • This pays for software subscriptions, tax filings, etc.
  • Spring Fling Fund: $274,157.00 (78.555%)
    • This pays for production, security, as well as the acts themselves.
    • The exact amount that each act is paid is confidential under privacy agreements.
    • Please reach out to Spring Fling Committee chairs Lucas Villalobos  (lucas.villalobos@yale.edu) and Griffin Solot-Kehl (griffin.solot-kehl@yale.edu) for more information
  • Community Fund: $15,900.00 (4.556%)
    • FCC: $3,500.00 (First-Year BBQ, First-Year Dance, etc.) [additional $1,500 from YCDO]
    • SoCo: $3,500.00 (Sophomore Crush, study break, etc.) [additional $1,500 from YCDO]
    • JCC: $4,000.00 (Networking Events, Box Night, etc.)
    • Community Engagement Grant: $4,900.00
  • Surplus/Emergency Fund: $3,490.00 (1.000%)