Board of Trustees

Each year, the Yale College Council implements a number of internal developments in order to improve organizational efficiency and better represent students. This year, the YCC is excited to established a Board of Trustees and an endowment.

The mission of the YCC Board of Trustees is to preserve institutional memory and provide input on YCC initiatives. Over the course of any given year, the Council works on two or three major initiatives and thirty to forty policy projects. Outside of policy, the YCC organizes university-wide events and allocates nearly $300,000 of annual funding to student organizations. After collaborating with a number of YCC administrations, the Board of Trustees will able to provide valuable context on policy, finances, and the internal organizational structure for incoming leaders. Further, the Board will advise and guide new initiatives with knowledge of previous successes and failures.

The Board will be comprised of a diverse group of faculty members, alumni, and administrators, and each Trustee will be asked to serve a term of three academic years. The full Board will convene once per semester to discuss the overarching vision of YCC, upcoming policy agenda, and progress on existing projects. Additionally, Trustees will receive periodic communications regarding the annual YCC budget allocations, constitutional amendments, and notable policy stances. They are appointed to three-year terms.

The members of the Board are as follows:

  • Steve Blum ’74, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives for Association of Yale Alumni
  • Eric Braverman ’97, LAW ’02, former CEO of Clinton Foundation
  • Marvin Chun, current Dean of Yale College
  • Paula Kavathas, Chair, Women Faculty Forum and Professor
  • Brandon Levin ’14, former YCC President
  • Linda Lorimer LAW ’77, former University vice-president
  • Rebecca Taber ’08, former YCC President

The YCC is also excited to establish an endowment in the 2015–2016 academic year. Over the course of the next five years, the Yale College Council will receive annual donations of $150,000 from a generous alum who believes in the mission of Yale student government. The $150,000 will be subdivided into a $125,000 contribution to the endowment fund and a $25,000 internal stipend. The purpose of the endowment is to (a) empower the YCC to act independently from the administration, especially with regard to policy initiatives and (b) support organizational development within the YCC, while the stipend will enable the YCC to sponsor additional events throughout the year. The endowment itself will be managed by the Yale Development Office, and the annually-collected interest will be allocated by the YCC Executive Board and Council.