It’s On Us, Yale

The YCC is incredibly proud to announce “It’s On Us, Yale”: a campaign designed to spark conversation about our campus sexual culture and action to improve it.


“It’s On Us, Yale” makes Yale a part of the nationwide “It’s On Us” sexual assault prevention campaign launched last week by President Obama and Vice President Biden. At Yale, we are asking every student group to have a discussion about what our Yale culture should look like, and to decide on three to five action steps their group will take to achieve that goal. You can find the YCC’s pledge and our pledge guidelines here.

We invite all of you to join us–both formal and informal groups are welcome! There are details on the YCC site and the Facebook page, but the process is simple: have a conversation with your group, write a vision statement, and determine a set of action steps to help move you towards that vision. Then, make a sign with your vision statement, take a group photo, and send the picture and pledge to We’ll add the logo and put it up on the “It’s On Us, Yale” Facebook page, creating an open forum for everyone to see what we are doing to make Yale a safe and respectful place.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this initiative. Our campus culture is up to us, and it is our responsibility to shape it in the best way possible!